About us

ACDC is a joint venture founded in the summer of 2023 by security experts and the founders of A-Team Rocks Consulting and snapSEC.

After years of testing various SOC solutions for our clients and being disappointed with the detection and response, we came together in the summer of 2022 to create a concept.

Once the founding team was established, we realized the first pilot projects, refined and expanded our concept, and now we are concluding the friendly-customer phase with already over 10 companies of various sizes and industries.

Avi Kravitz

CEO, Founder

Michael KARL

CEO, Founder

Our Mission

In a world where absolute security remains an illusion, ACDC pioneers new ways to minimize the risks posed by cyber threats as much as possible.

Our approach is not limited to prevention; we also place great emphasis on rapid and effective response to security incidents, which are inevitable despite all precautions.

With a synergy of advanced technologies, deep knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape, and a strong focus on solution-oriented service, we specialize in continuously monitoring and understanding what we know best.

Our Service

Starting with a basic cyber security assessment to determine the initial maturity level of your security systems and organization, we have integrated perfectly aligned security modules into a central and intelligent system.

Our approach not only protects against opportunistic attacks but also against advanced and targeted threats.
Our response strategies range from automated defenses with trained SOAR models based on predefined scenarios, to direct intervention by our analysts to effectively combat identified risks.

Moreover, monthly jour fixe meetings promote a continuous feedback loop for improving cyber hygiene. These regular consultations ensure that your security measures remain up-to-date and effective.

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